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“A volte immaginava che lo stabile fosse un iceberg con la parte visibile costituita dai piani e i sottotetti. Al di là del primo livello delle cantine sarebbero allora iniziate le masse sommerse: scale dai gradini sonori che scendessero girando su se stesse, lunghi corridoi […]

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Skateboarding Barcelona

Cold, bright holiday Sunday in Barcelona. Few locals on the main streets, just tourists and hobos. After visiting World Press Photo 2014 Exhibition at CCCB, few blocks away there were these people on their skateboard, trying to enjoy the day by showing off their skills. […]

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The red fisherman and his bags

A great achievement in everyday life is being able to dedicate a limited time only for ourselves, when the rest of the world is kept out and is not bothering you, and you can do whatever you fancy, just for the mere sake of your fulfillment. […]

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